Publisher Benefits

FeedAd's highly compatible, cross platform Multi Ad Slot tech solution is easy to implement and drives significantly improved publisher yield by creating high performance video ad real-estate.

Increase your Monetisation

Open up untapped digital video budgets to increase your outstream and display yield. Generate higher CPMs and ad revenue.

Scale Your Video Ad Reach

Supercharge your existing display ad spaces into high performance video real estate. Improve your yield by video KPIs, not click-through-rate.

Integrate Effortlessly

Optimised for web and app use, our SDK is designed for rapid rollout and scalable performance with low maintenance requirements.

See FeedAd in Action

FeedAd's Multi Ad Slot technology delivers high KPI performances and draws advertiser budgets to your platform in a user friendly and brand positive way.

Built For High Compatibility

FeedAd is designed to work alongside your existing tech and ad infrastructure, and is tailored to your needs.


FeedAd SDK

The FeedAd SDK can be implemented on all platforms and devices, working seamlessly in tandem with pre-existing tech stacks, while offering highly improved yields.

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Flawless FeedAd Integration Alongside

The Support You Want

We're by your side through and beyond your FeedAd implementation process, ensuring consistent performances of our SDK.

Slack Collaboration

Communicate directly with our developers in your personalised Slack channel.

Customer Support

Our experts advise you on how to set up FeedAd to optimise your yield management.

Dashboard & Statistics

Check real-time revenue data and customise all server-side SDK settings live on the FeedAd dashboard.

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