Outstream Video Advertising

Feedad Outstream Video ensures quality, transparency and peak results for advertisers, as well as greatly improved monetisation for publishers and a better ad experience for users across web and mobile platforms.


Fully Programmatic

Use your preferred buying platform to access the FeedAd marketplace or set up a private deal.

Advanced Billing Models

Our CPCV model ensures 100% performance for advertisers and drives ad efficiency.

Brand Safe & Transparent

Designed for easy access and streamlined insights, FeedAd's dashboard lets you set, adjust and check up on all key parameters.

Chronologically Linked Ad Display

FeedAd Technology delivers full video views across multiple ad slots within an app or website. Upon launch, the ad continues playing in the next slot from where the user left off.

Check out our live demo to understand how this simple solution can achieve 100% effectiveness with your ad spend.

Live Demo

Advertiser Benefits

  • Scalable reach via untapped web & app platforms
  • Guaranteed Viewability & Viewtime performance
  • Device optimised viewing experience across all screens
  • Ad buys via programmatic platforms and Insertion Order (IO)

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Publisher Benefits

  • Scale revenue opportunities with access to video ad budgets
  • Optimal usage time monetisation across your platform
  • Highly compatible with all 3rd party mediation & ad server systems
  • Set up and ongoing business and developer support

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